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I have been in Movies, TV shows, Radio and have some success as an artist. Along the way, I have started 27 companies. Now I hope to achieve success as a writer

Thank You very much Nora!

How to separate yourself from the rest of the playing field

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I have started many successful companies. I followed a plan, and several of those companies returned millions for my effort. I write this article to share some proven philosophies that I adapted from reading about others' success and then applied those concepts to my startups. I expect that they will work for you too.


Everyone seeks wealth, but not everyone achieves riches. Why is that? One answer potentially is they do not have the emotion or desire to act on their dream. Many people have too many excuses.

Excuses range from I do not have time to do anything else…

Other essential steps that may help you towards your goal of a million or more

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Understandably those who write about startups and post in the business journals explaining their success already have businesses. But what about all the other writers with an original insight into so many subjects?

Ideas are in abundance in every writing I read, including poetry, love, the thousands of other publications, and certainly in the illumination publication. If you are writing on Medium, you are blessed with creativity! Res ipsa loquitur.

Perhaps many don’t desire to do anything but write. That’s sensible and rewarding; however, some may not possess the funds to begin a business. …

My idea on how everyone can change for the better

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Today I plan to change the entire world immediately for the better. How is that possible? One word, “Attitude”!

Did you know that whoever you are, wherever you are, in the following hours, minutes, or seconds you too can change the world? It is effortless to do. All that is needed is life and a desire to make the world a better place while becoming a bigger person.

I have heard the mere flutter of a butterfly’s wings in one part of the world can cause a title wave by that air movement on the other side of the world…

Imagine and create your future

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We, humans, are curious by nature. We ask questions, we build things, and most of us have strong opinions about our World and its problems. But do we take our thoughts to the next level? The next level is creating by using our imagination.

So what is creative imagination?

Creativity is defined by psychological scientists as the generation of ideas or products that are both original and valuable. Creativity relies on imagination, the conscious representation of what is not immediately present to the senses.”

(According to the definition of creative imagination, we can apply the concept to any area in…

Undercover work and the danger they face.


How dangerous is undercover work? How about having a 38 special pointed at your head with no backup? I had been following a lead for months with no luck. As soon as I am off duty one day, I ran into my informant, who said he would take me to the big man then-not a minute later. I had no weapon, no backup, but I trusted the informant and stupidly took the ride.

The drug kingpin excused the informant and sent him away. I knew the guy was a scientist, and he had…

I Was at Rock Bottom But Eventually Found Help


I took my wife’s alcoholism personally. I started believing that I was her “trigger” for abuse. After all, she did not seem so far gone before I entered her life. She even started saying that she drank because of me. I became an enabler and forgave her every time alcohol took over and sent her to “wasted land.” Alone I failed in expert knowledge to salvage our marriage, and more critical- saving her life.

Like many other unsuspecting people initially, I thought we were having harmless fun sharing drinks, enjoying deep…

You Never Know When Luck Will Reward You. Follow the Signs!

Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

A hard rain was forecast, but I needed a new belt for a date I had arranged later in the evening and bravely decided to go to the local mall.

As I parked, the thunder, which started as I left home, met with lightning, and together they unleashed hell! Blinding torrential and horizontal rain engulfed my car, and visibility did not exist. I waited nervously for the storm to subside as my vehicle shook and the 4 PM sky turned deep gray.

The rain was blowing across my windshield…

Use a smile, some imagination, and change your life. Immediately Feel Better.

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A nobody is a person of no noticeable importance.

As a nobody, I believed no one ever listened to me, and when they did, they didn’t take me seriously. I felt that no one understood me. I was the nobody in the shadows! Eventually, I began to believe that I was so inferior there was no hope for peace within my soul.

As a result, I was a severe doubter that anything would ever change. Consider where I was in my life some years ago as a complete nobody. Homeless! Combat PTSD! Depression, Anxiety, and Panic…

Stephen Key

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